No Place Like Home


Hi. It's been a while, and if you're not up to speed just yet, well, I moved in with my boyfriend of almost four years, whom you may also recognize as @justinquebral. (AKA my instagram husband.)

Though we've taken quite an adventurous step in the realm of relationships, nothing much has changed. We still create on the daily; often times, turning our living room into a homemade studio. 

Aside from moving closer to my job and Justin moving away from his parents for the first time, our main goal for getting an apartment was just that: having a space to create. We spent the first few months committed to hunting down deals, mood-boarding our humble little one-bedroom, and compromising a lot to ensure that our space was as aesthetic as possible in every corner.


Ettitude made that goal ten time easier to achieve with their soft as silk duvet cover and matching pillowcase covers to match. It's one thing to dress a bed well for the camera, but it's another for its "dress" to function as well as it is pleasing to the eye. 

1 (2).JPG
3 (1).JPG

I knew I needed beddings that didn't suffocate Justin's body heat and didn't actually keep me warm. (Somehow I function at 68 degrees all the time. I'm never not cold.) Luckily, Ettitude's fabric did just that: it regulated our temperatures, stayed smelling fresh, and made our plunge into slumber something we couldn't resist. 

Did I mention that Ettitude's sheets were sustainable? Yeaup, They hit every. Single. Mark. If you've ever made snow angels in fresh sheets after a hot shower, attempt some in these. Trust me. Your snow angels in sheets will never be the same again.

The aesthetics don't just stop in the bedroom. The bathroom needed to feel like a place I wanted to take my time getting ready in. Sure, succulents, great lighting, and organization is key, but you know what the real cherry on top is? Towels.

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2 (2).JPG

Bath towels are the equivalent of having a clean manicure for an interview. They're what the interviewees look at to get a feel about how you are as a person. If we didn't have gloriously soft towels (that especially matched), were we really giving the best to our guests?

That's why Grund America's towels stood out to us. They were the perfect combination of undeniably soft, quality towels that would withstand the test of time and multiple dry-offs. However, it wasn't just the quality of the towels that stood out to us, but their vision and environmental approach to their brand.

Sustainable, organic, family-owned, and environmentally thoughtful in their practice, Grund America offers 110% in every category. 

I grew up with incredibly sensitive skin that would break out easily. I diligently went to the dermatologist for seven years of my life, using every method ever invented to quell the breakouts that reigned over my face for much of my teen-hood. It's gotten to the point where I now have to wash everything I own without fabric softener. 

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Grund America's towels are so incredibly soft and gentle-to-touch that my skin absolutely loves the material. Even without fabric softener, their towels don't absorb stenches quickly or feel any rougher. Since there are no chemicals in the pigment they use to dye their material, my skin doesn't react at all. An obvious 10/10 in my book.

If you haven't already guessed, I love when brands align with my values and beliefs and both Ettitude and Grund America offer everything Justin and I try to emulate through our work: quality content with a philantrophist focus. 

Getting this apartment was a financially huge goal for me and Justin, but being able to house quality products of brands we love in a space we create in is everything we could've ever wanted in our first place together.