The Oregon Trail (Part Deux)



Travel diaries part deux.


Day Deux started with a visit to the must-have tourist spot: Voodoo Doughnuts. We had heard that doughnuts was the state's specialty and Voodoo's popularity had made it all the way to California via word-of-mouth. Luckily for us, we skipped the insane line for the famous pink box, which featured their specialty creations, layered on a bed of regular and deliciously made doughnuts.

We couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome.


Next stop was Marukin ramen for lunch at the Pine Street Market. Although I usually prefer beef broth, it was like a Japanese version of chicken noodle soup without the chicken stock flavor. I tend to add a lot to my ramen but didn't have to with this bowl.

I'm still dreaming about this ramen to this day.


Afterwards, we explored a bit before having a little shoot between buildings and indulging in an afternoon snack.


Waistcoat via Sammydress / Jeans via Hudson / Watch via Our Theory Of / Shoes via Zaful


Learning how to take the MAX train and streetcars was like learning how to operate in a totally different country. It was refreshing, especially since cramped LA offers nothing of the sort. I'm so used to taking my car everywhere that public transportation has become so foreign to me.


Shopping in the Pearl District is a must. It's small business heaven. It's a niche street with a character of its own and every food place is amazing. The owners of every store is never afraid to strike up a conversation or welcome you to their city, which I've come to understand that everyone loves with a passion.

It really opened my eyes and encouraged me to express the same hospitality. Everyone in LA is stressed out, absorbed in their own worlds, aggressive and pretty much a pretentious asshole so playing around in a city that is the complete opposite changed my perspective on everything.

Day two couldn't end without dinner at Imbrie Hall, where we had Ahi Tuna pizza and burgers. We couldn't decide on sushi or burgers so we ended up having both.


Day three.

We woke up early for a couple hours of shopping at the Nike Factory Store. No pictures allowed so no pictures seen, unfortunately.

However, I did end up spending close to $400. (When family wants souvenirs, they get souvenirs.)

I also had the cashier catch Pokemon for me while I paid. I felt flustered trying to do both.


Breakfast at Cheese and Crack was heaven on earth. I am deeply in love with cheese and a store that specializes in cheese boards is right up my alley. We also had to pair the boards with Australian lemonade and frozen cold brew coffee.

It was scorching.


Dessert at 180 PDX was a necessity. We picked up chocolate covered churros topped with sea salt. Pictured above is not an elongated dookie, as far as comments are concerned.

Trip tip: Eat when fresh! They get soggy quickly.


Jenny then took us to a surprise location at Holman Docks. She knew we'd go picture-taking crazy and she was right. The vibes were amazing. It was like going to a hipster beach without the sand.

Only problem was, we were the only ones not in swimming trunks.

I'm not one to go swimming. I hate it and really have to be in the mood to do so but this was the one time I really wished I could jump in. The water was so clear and beautiful, except for the man pictured above who literally stripped down to nothing before paddle-boarding away.


Nike, god of all gods in Oregon, had just released a bike program throughout the city where you can rent a bike for a certain amount of time for really cheap. You can rent at any station and park wherever the corresponding racks are, which are planted everywhere.

I'm not going to lie. I struggled a lot but it was so much fun and totally worth the view.

LA came out with a similar program via Metro a couple weeks later too.


Upon looking for a bathroom, we also found architecture porn.

Then we were off again back to the Pearl District for this small business owned by my little's friends. We had to get Portland gear at Portland Gear.


Afterwards, we met up with my other sorority sister, Jasmine and her boyfriend, Geoff for dinner and an attempt to go bar-hopping.


Instead, we ended up throwing away our big girl and boy pants for our childhood cravings. We ended up strolling along the waterfront to catch Pokemon, getting ice cream at Salt and Straw and taking polaroid pictures.


Portland has been so good to us. We never expected so much hospitality and warmth. Our blogger-photographer duties were never judged like it would be and I didn't feel self-conscious at all.

Portland may be weird and I thought we were weirder, only to find out that it's weird enough to accept us.

I will never forget the warmth and generosity the city and our friends have showed us, and will only want to perpetuate that throughout my life.

We'll be back.


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Photography by Justin Quebral