Featuring Remy Easterling

Polydeux featuring Remy Easterling
Thrifted shirt, Forever 21 pants, and shoes from downtown
From Pasadena, Remy Easterling’s style is described as bright, playful, funky and 90’s chic, which is inspired by popular shows and artists ranging from the 60’s-90’s, such as The Beatles, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and School Days as well as Rihanna and her edgy fashion sense.
Remy plans to open a home for neglected children and hopes to expand it internationally later in the future. She believes that every girl needs a pair of high waisted shorts in her closet too!
Her favorite places to shop are Acts (Located in Pasadena), Forever 21 and as expensive as it is, American Apparel. For those on a budget, she suggests thrifting: a land of inexpensiveness and where you can let your creativity unfold!