Mariel's Life in Pixels

Here are my failed attempts to document the past two weekends. Last weekend consisted of living off a macaron and pasta diet. (Not the best combination, I know.) All I can recollect from my mental calendar is driving off to Garden Grove for a Boiling Crab date and photo shoots with strangers and brick walls before driving back home. We strolled into a Vietnamese store where one of the owners mistaken us for models. She introduced us as Anna and took us to the back of the store where she flipped through albums and albums of pictures of her daughter, Annie. (People have the most creative names, don’t they?)
This past weekend, I met up with the boyfriends in Puente Hills to have our lives sucked away into arcade games at Round 1 after teaching Phi Sig for Greek Perfect. We caravanned it back home for a midnight In-N-Out run since KBBQ was closed.
The next day we met up at Mikee’s after finally getting my bulgogi fill and grocery shopping at Korean markets. Struggling to communicate with the 6 other boys makes me wish we had walkie talkies. After hours of getting ready and waiting on the usual late drivers, we finally mobbed it to Van Nuys for Giselly’s 16th birthday. (I asked her if I could invite a friend and end up inviting 6 of them) At least I didn’t have to feel like the oldest one there by myself.
Of course, no formal event would be successfully attended without planned matching with the boys or photo shoots we never take seriously. As soon as we got there, we headed straight to the food and apparently if you wear black with numerous people, you are now a guaranteed magnet for head turns and people wondering what dance troupe you are.
After hours of watching Latino dances and listening to speeches we wished were English dubbed, Dave finally got to perform and ended up eating it halfway through his performance as soon as the bass dropped. Just before we were about to dip to Joe’s, we ended up committing our bodies to the dance floor. We always have to start and end cyphers. Regardless.
However, my knees swelled up and it looked like I had 12-year old boobies on my legs. The boys sat me down, iced me up and carried me to the car. What am I without them? We stopped by Mickey Dee’s on the way to Mikee’s for discounted cookies. After dropping off Dave, we all ended up Skyping til the wee hours of the early morning.
The next morning I went to church with the Mallari’s (My substitute family for that Godly hour.) Afterwards, family came over to celebrate the twins finally becoming adults, meaning bbq and seafood lunches poolside before I finally headed back to La Verne for my sorority meeting.