Catching Fire

Brandy Melville Halter // Unif Skirt // PLNDR platforms

Upon celebrating one of my best friends' graduation from FIDM, I happened to stop by the favorable Art District (all by my lonesome this time--sad face) for my 3 peat of sample sales, featuring UNIF. I believe I'm going to start better documenting my ~secret~ shopping sprees since it seems that I happen to be at the same place, same time. However, the UNIF one compared to the Wildfox and Brandy Melville sample sales has to be my favorite considering the fact that there was no line whatsoever and the shopping area was always organized as much as it could. Not to mention, the juicing truck, free Jarritos and bangin' DJ was the icing on the cake! 

1.) For those who have never been to a sale/ planning on going in the future, I typically suggest going there an hour or two before the time it is supposed to open to get ahead of the ridiculous Disneyland meets Six Flags lines and of course, the early bird catches the worm. (I have stopped abiding by this rule, but for first timers, I do recommend doing so!) I also recommend bringing $50-100. Sample sales do get pricy depending on the brand.

2.) I've never really been a fan of UNIF until this sale. Because they are an independent brand, they're difficult to find anywhere else other than online but after interacting physically with their products, I admit that I've been struck by cupid's arrow! They have such an extreme and edgy line of merchandise that really forces you to challenge your boundaries. 

3.) I picked up a soon-to-be-featured pair of red leather high waisted shorts and the Kpop star-esque slash modern princess skirt for a total of $40. (Shorts & skirts were $35. Yay for damage discounts!) I've been drooling over a metallic or close to shiny skirt since I saw Dani and Bianca's masterpieces on Kastor and Pollux. I thought this skirt was perfect for versatility; night and day, summer and even fall. As soon as I tried it on (and walked off with it still on my body), I fell in love with the fit, the texture and the way it accentuated my body. It's a gorgeous juxtaposition of subtle meets statement, which I think is the concept my wardrobe has been encompassing as of late.

Have you noticed a change in your own wardrobe?