Anime Expo: Day 2 (Sailor Moon)

*Cue theme song* She is the one named Sailor Moon!
Day 2, wasn't as eventful as the first day, but it was as equally as frustratingly stressful costume wise. Thank God for the costume repair center. I have to say that I'm quite surprised with the outcome and accuracy of this costume, which I ended up pulling together in two nights. I decided the day before AX to attend a second day and fulfill my dreams of cosplaying as my childhood's beloved icon. 
Luckily for me, a friend of mine made the base of this outfit (top, bottom and felt bows included) my senior year of high school and just recently I decided to modify it to its fullest. Although next year, I plan on upgrading it again once more. By upgrading, I mean wrapping knee high socks and boots with red vinyl tablecloth and wall mounting tape. (I am such a painfully sarcastic liar.) I'm even considering cosplaying as Super Sailor Moon. I have no regrets.