Baby, Goodnight (Spanish Moss Sample Sale)

Call me crazy, but I think driving all the way to Costa Mesa for a pop up sale is worth it when you meet the adorable and brand name representative Chris Ford after picking up a timeless piece that is perfect for any weather and occasion  I bought the above dress to ~attempt~ to balance out my wardrobe that consists of nothing but black and the 'every once in a while' statement piece. (See --big ass-- glass heels from Foreign Exchange and leaf printed clutch from Urban Outfitters) I think I just wanted an excuse to finally be able to break my new favorite, yet unpractical shoes.
However, I do sincerely apologize for not capturing anything else or videoing about the sale to begin with. I think I've burned several holes in my pocket at the moment. Therefore these blog posts will have to do!

As for the sale itself, I was indubitably in love with the set up and pieces available, especially since it's hard to physically get your hands on Spanish Moss pieces without purchasing first online. I definitely expected more people to be there, even if it was close to closing like the previous sales. Maybe it wasn't my favorite sale, but it was definitely better than most. I just wish I was able to buy more. Unfortunately, some of the mark downs weren't as great as I had hoped but I still walked away happy happy happy. 

What do you guys think about my sale reviews? Should I continue doing them? Let me know what you think! :)