This is not your regular post about fashion and more clothes we can't afford, but I know we've been MIA for quite some time and there is a reason for that, despite school becoming a needy boyfriend. Regina's presence on this blog isn't as apparent as my own. She has decided for herself that this is not for her and that she needs to focus on school. However, this does not mean that Polydeux is over, nor does it mean that Regina and I are no longer friends (in fact, we're still closer than ever). This just means that we're starting over.

In revamping Polydeux, Katrina Sevilla has decided to step in to further expand the blog with her own insight and passion for clothing as well as her photography skills. We (Katrina and me) see this as an opportunity to make a greater change in the blogging community and to further ourselves as well. 

Regina will always be a part of Polydeux regardless of where we go and we will continue to feature her when we can. This is a new step for Polydeux, now as Mariel and Katrina, but of course with the same concept and idea in mind to bring you the latest fashion trends. We are here to inspire and motivate our audience. 

Love you guys. Always.
Mariel, Regina and Katrina.

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