Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

There is no such thing in being too old to dress up for one of the year's most festive and ghoulish nights. An evening of magic and mystery of playing roles we feel most compelled in sharing other than our normal selves. A night in which we allow the inner child in us to come out and wreak havoc. 

And by that we did, enjoying ourselves not only in clothes that make a statement, but with costumes that tell a story. Mariel, bringing out her childhood idol, Sailor Moon. A hand-made and very well detailed costume, also including her wig, another piece she crafted together. Katrina, expressing her infatuation of the Native American culture. A head dress piece of faux feather and an H&M fringed necklace to top off the dreams of being that little indian girl. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!