Sample Sale | Spanish Moss & Redux//Ritual

Concho Hat from Forever 21 / Rose quartz necklace from Katrina / 2 piece set from Redux//Ritual
I apologize for the short absence but I needed to fall off the face of the earth for a bit until I successfully survived the brunt of the dreaded finals week. 

I went to the Spanish Moss Sample Sale in Downtown LA the other week and snagged me the most comfortable two piece from Redux//Ritual in the world. The skirt is actually worn lower. A lot lower. It's actually one of those knee hugging pieces. I'm not too crazy about looking like a teacher, especially with my Asian blessed height. So I hiked it up and made a dress of it, and let me tell you: it feels like a dream. I mean, that top is the perfect reason to not wear a bra. 

I've been following Spanish Moss's sales for a while (Hi, Chris!) and their collection is always beautiful. They have such big discounts and have a handful of pieces that tend to reappear. At least then I won't have to feel pressured about buying something just because it's on sale. Plus they're a online brand and it's hard to try on pieces, which is what's so great about sample sales. 
What I love most is their set up and location; usually sample sales are placed in small, dingy, and unorganized venues that are hard to find. But theirs is spacious, clean, and has a vintage storefront feel. The only thing I wish I had was more money to spend!

If you're in the area, find me TOMORROW at Tarte Vintage's Sample Sale and Holiday Party

Outfit shots by Cassandra Egan