Dreams Do Come True


Deep V Cut dress via Tarte Vintage / Transparent moto via UNIF / Asymmetrical jumper via F21 / Gunner tights via Romwe / Lace up booties via Urban Outfitters / Crystal necklaces via Katrina

Greetings from the happiest and rainiest place on Earth! (Featuring my best friend and photographer against his will) 

As we're slowly counting down the hours 'til Santa's visit, I thought I'd share my only pick up from the UNIF sale last week. Being the last shopper isn't always the best, but I copped their infamous transparent moto for $40 (retail price at $170) Can I get a heeellll yeah?

Of course, despite how cold it is, I couldn't put this lovely dress to sleep. I picked this number up at Tarte Vintage's holiday party and sample sale. Its length kisses just about my knees, and although I'm not a fan of longer dresses, the fit and cut of the dress made up for it. It's safe to say that I've found my New Year's outfit.

Happy holidays, my beautiful readers!
Thought I'd leave you with a smile:

This is what happens when you write "For your captioning pleasure"