A Walk in the Park


Black fringed kimono // Water lily crop top via Tarte Vintage // Disco shorts via American Apparel // Glass heeled booties via Foreign Exchange
Dilemma: I had a photoshoot scheduled but I didn't know what to wear
Solution: Put on the prettiest and flashiest heels that could put Lindsay Lohan's body jewelry to shame and glam up a bohemian look. 
I guess you could say this was inspired by a little bit of the 70's and a little bit of Kastor and Pollux, who make socks and heels fashionably wearable. I never thought I could pair socks with anything other than tennis shoes but I was proved wrong. 

What are your favorite sock and heel combinations? Send some inspiration my way.
On another note, I'm leaving for Japan in a few days but I'll be back before you know it.