Polydeux X Showroom 82


Camo jacket via Rosebowl Fleamarket // Loose neck hoodie via Showroom82 // Disco Pants via American Apparel // Platform suede strap heels via Topshop

Plaid button up via Uniqlo // Metal rimmed sunglasses via Rosebowl Fleamarket // Slim Fit Raglan Tee via Showroom82 // Disco shorts via American Apparel

Menswear has really taken the fashion community by storm these past few seasons with the infamous boyfriend jeans and now varsity jackets, which is why I styled these manly pieces as femininely as possible, and what better way to do it than by strapping pieces of wood to the bottom of your feet?! These pieces by Showroom 82, although intended for the male torso, fit snug on the arms and are ridiculously comfortable.
I took these pieces with me to Japan and they were perfect for layering.

You could win a $50 gift voucher to cop these staple items (or whatever else you need to revamp your closet for the spring!)

To enter, 
1. "Like" Showroom 82's Facebook page as well as Polydeux's 
2. You must be following me on Instagram (@supermariel)
3. Comment on my Facebook page with your email and one positive thing you love about yourself!

Voila! You're done! The winner will be contacted/announced February 28. Good luck!
Thank you to Showroom 82 for this opportunity.

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Photography by Austin Wallace