You Can See Right Through Me

Here's a #TBT that I never got around to posting from my trip to Japan. Taken in Miyajima, which is abundant with deer, fresh oysters and their specialty syrup. It's almost like the Canada of Japan.
 I have been having a lot dreams about being in Japan again, which I think is actually due to my prescription medicine. I actually had the flu two weeks ago, happened to relapse and then had laryngitis on top of that. I haven't seen sun until today!

In the meantime, I have a few projects I'm working on and am excited to share with you soon, my duckies! 
Among all other things, I want to especially thank you, my readers. I recently became the E-Commerce Intern for Can-U-Not, which used to be Tarte Vintage, and it was actually because of Polydeux that I was able to score this opportunity! 

I finally have my foot in the door in the fashion industry and can only go up from here.
Sending love your way with sniffles and sleepy eyes.