50 Shades of Black and White

Metallic Glass Heels via Foreign Exchange / Leather accented jeans via Urban Outfitters / White halter top and hat via Brandy Melville
I've been applying "Less is More" to my every day uniform lately, and by that I don't mean less clothing. (Although, I have made it a habit to not wear pants. That doesn't seem to apply in this post.) 

I've been gravitating towards wearing quieter pieces that don't require much effort while still achieving looks that appear as if there is any effort at all.
Instead, I prefer having the smaller details speak for themselves. [See leather accents and DIY knee busts because I'm artsy fartsy]

What has been your summer mantra?

Oh and the boy featured is one of my best friends from my very first dance team so this is us celebrating 5 years of friendship.

Photography by Kevin Alcova