Men in White

Earrings via Mikukumi / Halter top & Hat via Brandy Melville / Skort via Can-U-Not / Lapeled Jacket via Showroom82 / Strappy platforms via H&M
Let the Miley Cyrus references chime in. Pairing white on white makes effortless look so much more elegant. Miley wasn't wrong for coming in like a wrecking ball. 

Aside from all monochrome palettes that I've been sporting as of late, I've been really gravitating towards silhouette porn. I matched the triangular lapels on the coat from Showroom82 (who I've worked with before) to match my skirt for more geometrical fun!

And with this post, I say cheers to my last week of summer, only to welcome the growth awaiting me in the incoming school year. 
Goodbye pina coladas, hello pumpkin spice lattes and Tim Tams!

Also, if you're interested in sporting ear candy, Mikukumi offers a wide variety of colors, patterns and geometrically pleasing accessories for all of your ear (and hair) needs!

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Tell them I sent you and they'll shower you in lace covered hearts and kisses in return!
Photography by Kevin Alcova