Drunk In Love

 Top via Brandy Melville / Lace shorts via Forever 21
I wanted to channel my inner Sam Smith and ended up delivering something grimy and well--cheeky. I am, by no means, not promoting drunkery, especially when it comes to solving relationship problems with Stella Rosa. 

I'm taking a step back with my blog at the moment until audition season is over in a few weeks so forgive me if I fall off the radar a bit but I hope I've perfected my resting bitch face.

On another note, if you haven't noticed, Polydeux has dropped the 'blogspot' and is now standing as its own domain, something I've dreamt about doing for a while now. Maybe it's something that's been long overdue too, and if you have a goal you've been putting off, do it now. You'll be that much happier.
Photography by Jasmine Bush