Sixth Sense

 Daily Look dress and clutch / F21 mules

I met a woman while in line for Half and Half yesterday and she psychoanalyzed me just from looking at me. She asked me if I got cold easily and touched my spine. She discovered that I had lower back problems, which was the cause of several of my health issues. I don't disclose this to anyone outside of my social circle but I have a history of going to the hospital for different reasons.
Of course, I was hesitant with telling this woman everything but she figured it out without me having to do so, and everything. she said. was true. 
She shook my hand, asking if I was into art, in which she was correct. She asked if I was Catholic, in which I am and told me to go to church more often, which I haven't done in months. 
Jill, the woman, said she is currently a student and couldn't treat me but instead referred me to her mentor who is an acupuncturist. She said that aside from her knowledge, she has a strong sixth sense and usually doesn't approach people since people usually come to her because they know she has a gift. Jill told me that I have problems with my kidney and liver and because of that, I've been overemotional. She said I need to get my back fixed while I'm still young otherwise I'll have problems when I'm 35, which is a really specific age.
I really believe that God speaks to people through others and it is not a coincidence that this has happened, especially after the fact that I've been having a series of strange dreams. 
"You need better health to have a clearer mind."

Photography by Justin Quebral