In the Pink of an Eye

Notice anything different? I spent the past few weeks rebranding myself and I realized that in doing so, you had to start at the root of it all (aka Polydeux). I've been putting so much effort into maintaining all of my other platforms that I didn't see how outdated this was. 
And that's why I decided to wear some basics because in order to rebuild yourself, you need to start from the basics. As much as black on black is the new black, white on denim is a classic and refreshing throwback. 
Shorts via One Teaspoon / Top via Daily Look / Mules via Forever 21
For starters, I finally have a logo (which you can also see in my YouTube videos) and tightened up my sidebar. I changed my Twitter username from my forever nostalgic MySpace name to the name of my actual blog. (duh!) Not to mention my 'About Me' is actually, well--about me. The small things actually add up. I added a contact page and will be coming out with new business cards too. Aside from the visual tweaking, I also defined Polydeux more and I think every blogger should do that when they can. I've been blogging for almost four years now and I just realized that I didn't know what my focus or niche was. Just because the same formula has worked for the past few years doesn't mean that it will just as effectively now.

Photography by Justin Quebral