I think some people get the idea of fashion blogging misconstrued. There's this misconception that it is the easiest route to living a lavish life of free goods and luxury.
It is, but it isn't.
Anyone can start a blog, throw in their interest in fashion into their posts and all of a sudden can deem themselves a fashion blogger. Sure. Makes sense. But it's the work ethic behind it that separates those who take it seriously and have careers out of it. It's the passion that attracts their audience and the drive that pushes them forward.
While yes, fashion bloggers get 'free clothes all the time', but it's because they earned it and it's what the job entails. Fashion blogging is not taking pictures of yourself in nice clothes all the time, throwing Valencia over it and hash tagging '#fblogger' or anything else of the like. It's especially not about the numbers and buying followers to shortcut yourself to insta-fame; nor is it a trend.
Top via Target / Skirt via Brandy Melville / Bracelet via Rocksbox
It's expensive. The entire lifestyle is. It's time consuming and stressful. It's taxing attempting to stand out from the rest and avoiding the trap of trends and following the guidelines other leading bloggers have set. Not to mention, it's hard getting out of the momentum of giving your services away for free once you start and it's not the easiest on your self-esteem either. There's so much dirty work and extra skills that the job didn't initially require.
Being innovative and new isn't something you can just achieve. Comparison happens more often than you think and doubt is always at the back of your mind. Finding photographers, content and ways to increase your numbers and quality isn't at the click of a button like fashion blogging appears to be. 
But you know what?
It's the most rewarding feeling ever knowing that you inspired or influenced someone, hearing feedback on something you created from scratch and earning from your passion.
Fashion blogging isn't just a superficial job.
Fashion blogging is creating creative content, establishing a digital relationship with others and using that connection to help companies market their goods.

Photography by Justin Quebral