Creature of Habit: For the Content Creator

Social media is every blogger's most indispensable tool. We are nothing without it and establishing a digital presence is easy at first. That is, until you start picking up wind.
I would post once a week. Soon after, it became once a day but it still wasn't enough for my followers. Now I'm posting two to three times a day, keeping in mind of the international audience I've swept up. 
It's easy to fall off the radar. You have to secure your presence again and again.

It's crucial for bloggers to post continuously. The biggest struggle? Finding something new to post, even worse, finding someone to take your pictures.

Believe it or not, I went through a long period of paying photographers but it definitely wasn't easy to keep up. (Obviously because of $$$) Not only that, but finding the right photographer was difficult too.
Not every photographer will shoot according to your aesthetic and not every photographer's strength is portraiture or fashion. I've had photographers who were trying help me shoot for a campaign but mostly shot pictures of my face as opposed to my outfit.
Luckily, I met Justin who saw that our potential was perfect for a business relationship. It allowed us to create a better reach and not only that, but I was able to shoot as often as I needed to (and for free too), without the consequence of not getting what I paid for.

With that being said, how do you create content, and how do you figure out what content to produce?
Bloggers are essentially content creators but because our audience wants to live vicariously through us, we can't just show a part of our lives and it's not to say we should show everything too. Although we are fashion bloggers, technically we are lifestyle bloggers. 

Something I'm working on is infusing more parts of my life in my Instagram. I shoot three to four times a week just for my outfit pictures and I still run out of pictures. 
Including 'fillers' with lifestyle pictures such as outfit details, what you ate/drank, who you were with, what you experienced, etc. can clue your audience into who you are and what you're like. It adds depth and shows off your personality. 
People follow people who they believe are genuine, friendly or personable.
Followers gravitate to you because they think you and the life you live is interesting, so show them why!
Dress via If Chic

Photography by Justin Quebral