Touch Down

I was invited to Sav Noir's Autumn-Winter '15 collection release at the Lazarus Experience this past week. 
I have to admit that it's difficult for me to escape the need to be tied down to my schedule. I typically avoid Thursday night soirees since I have to wake up early for my internship the following morning. Truth be told, I haven't been to a fashion show where I actually got to see it all.

I didn't know what to expect.
Everyone was dressed head to toe in black and I thankfully was too. I left class early to see the show but it just so happens that the show started an hour later than announced.
Lined up across the floor were large wooden crates and frustratingly enough, no seating. Heels are not your friends in a situation like this.
On the walls was a projection of an hour long YouTube video of tea candles floating in water with the sound of pouring rain. It was anything but cool in the studio and I regretted the sacrifice I had to make to look good in my leather jacket.
Lastly, the tallest woman in the room decided to wear heels and strut herself across the room to stand in front of 5'2" me.
*Insert side-eye emoji here*

The fashion show finally started and I was just blown to bits with how fierce the models looked. They walked as if they committed a sin they didn't regret and they instantly became my new muse. 
Even more so, the collection resembled Yeezy in black. With oversized coats and draped silhouettes, Sav Noir fully encompassed the essence of fall trends.
Socks via Pop Sock Shop

Photography by Justin Quebral