2015 In Review

If I had to sum up 2015 in one word it'd be: eclectic. Maybe even, liberating.

I've worked with larger companies, got featured in press more than I had anticipated and made connections with people I never thought I'd meet when I first started my blog. 

Even more so, I interned with BCBG and got a full-time job once I graduate, had my first meet and greet and started marketing for an upcoming coffee shop for my senior project.

Most of all, I evolved into the woman I had always aspired to be but it wasn't because things came easy to me. I didn't grow because I waited around for anything and I didn't change because I continued to let fear rule me. I grew because I stepped beyond the boundaries I had subconsciously set myself and in the end, I was able to live happier and with a healthier perspective.

I learned that some of the friends I grew up with couldn't grow with me anymore. I learned that I had to leave them behind, not because I wanted to, but because they weren't healthy to have around and they were no longer supportive. Be around the people that build you up, not the ones that tear you down. 

I learned that it's more of a con than a pro to be a jack-of-all-trades. You end up being good at several things rather than excelling at one thing. I learned that if I really wanted to progress in my passion, I can't have my focus on other things, even if it means dropping the priorities I had already been committed to for life.

I learned what true happiness is and I found it in my passions. I learned that passion isn't something you're necessarily good at and that's why you work towards improving in that aspect. That's where you get motivation from. I've had to cut relationships and leave communities I've felt the most comfort in in order to pursue that euphoria. I had to take risks.
I've also realized my true potential and that it's a glass ceiling begging for me to break through it. I've been chained down by my own doubts for the longest. I stunted my own growth because I didn't think I was 'big' enough and that I'd never catch up to my blogger friends. But once I discovered what I was truly capable of, everything changed and I grew faster than I had anticipated.

So it's true. I'm a minimalist and even more now after I've had to trim the fat. 
Less is always more and now that I've had less, I definitely have more than I could ever imagine and it's all because of you. Thank you for supporting me, for pushing me and most of all, thank you for believing in me.

Metallic dress via Nasty Gal / Leather ankle boots via Zara

Photography by Justin Quebral