Resolution Resolved

In the past year, I learned how important living healthier can be and how drastic of a change it can make for the better.
I used to get 4 hours of sleep a day and live off naps. Sometimes I wouldn't sleep until eight in the morning.
In turn, I would always be late to everything, missed classes because I was so tired, and failed classes because I missed so many. I would sleep in and hardly have any sunlight for my body to soak up, resulting in feeling groggy 24/7 and having to survive on immense amounts of caffeine. I kept complaining about not having enough hours in my day to get things done when I was the cause of that. 
My eating habits were all over the place. I ate fast food all the time and was always, always lazy. I never wanted to go out and missed out on so many opportunities that I regret now.
It wasn't until I forced myself to fix my body clock, which in turn fixed everything. I got a full night's rest almost every night, my eating habits were back to normal and my productivity doubled. 
I was happier. I was healthier.
But it didn't stop there.
Teami introduced me to their 30-day detox challenge and if there was a way to wean myself off caffeine, I had to do it.
After a week into the challenge, I noticed how much a little went a long way. I felt naturally more energetic and the best part? No caffeine crash.
I was able to get through even my longest days without feeling like I was dragging my feet through mud. Starting with the Skinny tea in the morning, I was able to cleanse my body the same way I would cleanse my face as soon as I woke up. Then, I would end my night with a relaxing Colon tea to cool down.
The biggest lesson for me was that we are not invincible. We can't just do whatever we want with our bodies. They are temples, not playgrounds.
Challenge yourself this year and use my code SM10 for 10% off your own Teami tea!