Your Questions Answered

1. Who/what inspires you?

I'm inspired by my boyfriend, Justin. He's my photographer, business partner, mentor and best friend but he's the one that pushes me the hardest. As soon as I move past a boundary, he's already driving me towards the next. I'm inspired by his work ethic, his dedication to his craft and I feed off his creative energy and epiphanies. Sometimes the best inspiration is the one that's always been right beside you.
I'm inspired by places that give me energy like India and Morocco. I'm inspired by Oliva Lopez of @Lusttforlife and Vanessa of @TheHautePursuit. I'm inspired by colors, texture, movement and I'm inspired by the ambition of those around me, whether it's my family, friends, or supporters.

2. How do you keep your hair healthy?

Honestly, I used to abuse my hair. I'd dye it, razor cut it, suffocate it with product but after growing it out, I've revamped my hair's lifestyle. 
The biggest trick to practicing healthy upkeep is doing nothing. Letting your hair be is the best medicine. Washing your hair every day strips the natural oils your roots need, which is why I wash my hair every other day. I try to stay away from using heat as much as possible, even avoiding blowdryers and washing with hot water. 
Most of all, I chose a hairstyle that works with my lifestyle. As a college student, I don't have the budget to keep up with a high maintenance 'do that needs to be retouched every month to every two months. (I've learned the hard way) 
Instead, I opted for a subtle balyage that's touched up every three-four months. I kept my roots virgin so I don't have to be too careful with what I use on my scalp, especially since I (shamefully) admit that I use a strong dandruff shampoo to avoid the snowstorms on my clothing during photoshoots.

3. How do you find your life purpose?

Don't do what everyone else tells you to do. Do what you love. Find what you don't like so you can find out what you do like. Following your heart and finding what you're most passionate about will be the most gratifying thing in the world. When you find something that creates a deep hunger in you and something that enlightens you not through material objects, but through acknowledging your ambitions, you'll find your niche and you'll find your purpose.

4. How do you stay on fleek on a budget?

Invest into basics and invest into classic pieces. Leather jackets and a good pair of jeans can be a life saver. A go-to oversized blazer can be thrown over any outfit and give it an automatic facelift. Shoes are probably what I invest in most because they can really change the way an outfit is perceived.
 I'm not too keen on trying to keep up with fast fashion trends. Doing so sucks the life out of your wallet, but when you've built a foundation with basics, it's so much easier to transition on-trend pieces.
Not only do you get to maximize your spending habits, but your wardrobe becomes versatile too.
5. How do you regain flexibility?

Stretch, stretch, stretch.
After you've conditioned your muscles when practicing splits for example, challenge yourself using other props such as chairs or books to lift your ankles from the ground. I always suggest breathing through your stretching and not tensing up when you do. Start with basic stretches like touching your toes and don't forget to cool-down when you do!
Most importantly, make sure you're stretching properly. You never want to condition your muscles the wrong way. Always be safe, and consult a professional to learn how to practice proper stretches.

6. How do you find the love of your life?

By not looking!
God will put the people in your life that are meant to be in your life; you will attract the right person when the time is right and when you have everything working out in your life.
 Don't find love, love will find you. I promise.

7. What are your aspirations/goals for 2016?

I want to travel, and be paid to do so. Bottom line. I want to experience new things and grow in my blogging career.
I want to be published in publications. I definitely want to hit 10k followers half-way into the year. I want to create more concepts and to further define my style. I'd also love to push myself to go to more events to network and to collaborate more. At the end of it, I'd love to be a name people use in conversation more in reference to inspiration or interest. I want to be the front runner of the blogging community.
Most of all, as long as I get to inspire while continuing my own pursuit in my blog, I'll be happy.

Top via Zara / Pants via Tobi / Shoes via Forever 21

Photography by Justin Quebral