Currently: 10 Things

Ten things that I've learned, that I'm loving, and that are on my mind:
1.) Always learn. There's always something you don't know.
After hearing this, especially since this was coming from someone who's respectfully been in the industry and is taking a step back from it, it made me restless immediately. The gears were grinding and I didn't feel content anymore in where I was at.

For frizzy-haired gals like me when it comes to heat, ghost oil has made my hair feel salon readied with every use. Ghost oil has quickly made my list of holy grail items after the first use. I went to three different Sephoras just for this.
(This is not sponsored. I just like the product that much.)

3. Don't be afraid to ask
This seems pretty simple but it can actually be quite the opposite depending on the situation. I think this is something I've struggled with because I've been faced with the fear of rejection or of asking a 'dumb' question. It's not to say that I've always been this way but have experienced waves of such feeling. It's hard to ask questions sometimes depending on the context. 
I've learned how to ask questions properly and am re-learning how to overcome that fear.

4. This dress and these shoes, these glasses, this top, and these pants from Tobi.
Talk about spring cravings.

5. To be frank: Senior projects > Polydeux
I'm not ashamed to say that. At the moment, I've been giving my all into my senior projects. (You can attend the event I'm hosting for my Communications senior project here.) 
Doing two at the same time isn't easy and requires so much time and energy that I know I should be putting into my blog. I've also been having some health issues due to all the stress so I can't procrastinate on taking care of myself.
I know everyone's noticed that I've stepped back a bit but at the end of the day, priorities are priorities. I'll be giving my all again soon.
I promise.

6. Bright pastels have been my jam lately. I've been so inspired by the colors of Greece and India that I've been bit by the travel bug.

7. Recently, I've been featured in a magazine with Justin Quebral and on Traffic Shoe's home page and e-mail blasts.
Even though I've been putting Polydeux on the back burner, I've still reached some milestones. I think it's safe to say that I'm proud of myself.

8. I've learned that selfishness comes in different forms, whether that's tunnel vision or being unaware, and I admit that I've been all of the above thinking that I wasn't selfish when I actually was.
9. I had an intense conversation with someone the other day and it went a little bit like this:
  • Blogging is a very underestimated career. It looks easy, when there's a lot more work that goes into it. 
  • Now, it's a form of marketing that is highly valued and being invested in by a lot of companies.
  • Anyone can own a blog, but the ones with passion are the ones that can stand out.
10. Always believe in yourself.
Dress via Tobi / Shoes via Nasty Gal

Photography by Justin Quebral