Measuring-Up: Bloggers vs. Numbers

If blogging were actually honest.

Blogging is meant to be honest in every way possible but we also thrive in areas where there isn't. It's very easy to tell apart those who have bought their followers and those who didn't. (Then those where you're actually not sure.)
We, as people, are always striving to improve the quality of our lives and as bloggers, we strive to improve the quality of our content. But why is it still not enough?
Quality over quantity doesn't seem to ring true anymore as the value of numbers seems to weigh more, especially in the eyes of prospective businesses.
Now it brings up the question if these companies are worth working with if they care more about numbers, skewed or not, versus the quality of your content, actively engaged audience and strong, passionate voice.
Being told that you don't 'measure-up' and having to feel pressured to do so gets tiring. Real tiring; especially when you try so hard to resist the temptation of paying for 1,000 followers for $10 or being lassoed into paying for another giveaway.
It's not rewarding anymore after that. It kills the passion and the pride you have for your work.
You should feel respected, whether that's by companies or by yourself, in the workplace even if the 'workplace' is the Internet.


To my fellow bloggers: There will be a day when you get your time to shine and your numbers will do more than just define you and your price tag. Mine has yet to come but I promise it will and yours will too.
"Those who succeed are those who are the most persistent."


 Denim jumpsuit via Flair The Label



Photography by Justin Quebral