Shedding Some Skin (in Sammydress)


New site, new me.

I remember sitting in a sushi restaurant near my house across from my best friend from high school. I felt inspired. We had just graduated and I was somewhere between 17 and 18. I told her I wanted to make a joint blog to show off each other's styles. We would mix and match from each other's closets, cross coordinate and dominate as any duo would.
Fast forward as I'm nearing the end of my college career: all that I had envisioned never happened but so much more did instead.

I've met the love of my life, who is with me in every step of the creative direction we stride in and together, we've traveled, been published, and collaborated with household names such as Nordstrom and Google. I couldn't be prouder of how much progress we've made, but we couldn't stop there.
We wanted to take things further.
I felt like I outgrew everything in the past few years: my fashion sense, my blog, and photography style. I see everything as an investment now; whether that be my clothes, lifestyle changes, or my friends.
Justin always told me, "Consumption now affects consumption in the future."
Therefore, this progression and the dramatic changes I'm incorporating into my blogging career is investment for the bigger goals I have in mind.


With that, I finally took the plunge. I had been planning for over a year to rebrand myself but I feel like just taking steps is nothing in comparison to achieving a whole new look.

To everyone who has been with me from the beginning and to those who have joined me recently, I want to say thank you for your never ending love and support. I feel like there's so much more I can achieve and I couldn't do that without you guys.
Here's to achieving bigger goals and creating bigger waves.
See you at the top.

Two-piece dress via Sammydress / White sneakers via Zara

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Photography by Justin Quebral