The Oregon Trail


No diseases, broken wheels or hunting here.

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Instead of asking for any material items (which we still surprised each other with), Justin and I wanted to invest in a new experience for our anniversary. A bumpy Uber ride and two hours of motion sick later, we found ourselves in Oregon.


We were then picked up by my little, Jenny, who hosted us and was our amazing tour guide for the trip. She even wrote us a detailed itinerary!

(By 'little', I mean 'little sister' via our sorority.)

We immediately fell in love with Portland's laid-back personality, its lush greens and fresh air. Getting out of the LA mindset of living fast-paced took a while.


Our first stop was burgers in Downtown Portland at Tilt before crashing for the night.

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Day Two


The next morning, we woke up at 8 AM and drove an hour to conquer this beauty: Multnomah Falls - the second tallest waterfall in the US.


We were 800+ ft. in the air after a mile incline. The view of the Columbia River across from us was so worth it.


According to Jenny's sister, who is an avid hiker, mind you, said that we would complete the trip in less than an hour. We got back to the car two hours later.


Justin hopped over the railing for this one. Jenny and I couldn't help but play follow-the-leader.


The end goal was not the view, but the meal afterwards.

My first chicken + waffles experience at Screen Door was exactly how Jenny and Justin described it: amazing.

We had a three-tier buttermilk chicken tower atop a sweet potato waffle and the freshest fried oysters of my life.

Quick tip: I'd suggest getting there 30-45 minutes before they close. Otherwise, you'll find yourself waiting around the block.

Stay tuned for part deux.


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Photography by Justin Quebral