"If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?"


I rarely talk about my academics unless I'm celebrating a milestone with you all. As of now, I'm currently a "super senior." I was expected to stay an extra year and graduate in spring 2017 due to my double majors (Creative Writing and Communications Public Relations), but instead, I insisted on graduating as early as possible.

I've already completed my Creative Writing degree and am in the midst of finishing my second one. So I stacked as many classes as I could, appealed for an overload of 20 units (max amount is 18), took summer school and am completing a few courses at a community college while attending university AKA JUST LET ME GRADUATE ALREADY.


Now, I'm expecting to graduate this fall (January 2017) and for the first time, my parents asked me what I wanted to do once I've finished school. I had a hard time answering this. I've always thought about it but I never actually communicated anything about it.
So I thought I would share with you guys my current thought process. As personal as this may seem, I figured it'd help me in trying to understand what I want and help you think about post-grad life as well.


In this society, we're raised to believe that we should thrust ourselves into a job the moment we step outside of our dorms; that we should have a job already set up for us before we leave the education system.
On the other hand, us millennials are putting extra weight on the value and sacredness of our twenties. In this decade, we should be exploring, experimenting, traveling, and free to do whatever we want until we've figured out what it is that we don't want.


So I've approached both perspectives. I worked hard for the internship of my dreams, guaranteed a job for myself at BCBG, and have plans of moving in with my best friend.
But what happens when the dream post-grad life everyone is working towards or wants for you isn't what you want?


I figured that writing in a cubicle, waking up to get to work at 9 and leave at 5 every day wasn't something I looked forward to. It didn't excite me or challenge me and I've been feeling as though I wanted more than that.


I figured, that if anything, I would spend a couple months finding something else. Personally, I would love to make my blog a full-time job but I'm not just there yet.
I've thought about taking on more internships to explore different roles in the fashion industry cause I feel as though I still don't know as much as I should in comparison to my competition. While doing that, I could be working a retail job or something to help me earn more money to pay for a living situation myself. Currently, I don't have much saved up if I'm telling the truth.


While security at BCBG for a couple years until I'm ready to find something new sounds ideal, it's not where my heart lies and it would hurt me even more to know that I settled.

Exploring without any cushion to land on is scary but the challenge seems more rewarding to me at the end. Either option wouldn't hurt.


I still have about six months until I graduate, which is more than enough time to figure it out. At the end of the day, I know I'll be safe with whatever decision I make and it's okay to not know what I want. It's normal.

I'll end up where I need to be.


Pajama set via VIPme


Post-grad life concept: lounging in these VIPme pajamas every day with a glass of wine.

Quick review: By the way, I'm in love with how flowy and oversized this matching set is. High-waisted bell bottoms? I think yes.

Co-ords are the easiest way to achieve an effort-ful outfit look effortless. Even more so, I love how I can transform a nighttime outfit into a daytime one. Brownie points for every outfit that can be as versatile as this one. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear this around in public without looking as though I just woke up though!

I remember when Polydeux was still a fetus. I would spend hours at Goodwill and a couple more hours DIY-ing the hell out of everything I bought. Nothing was perfect but I think that's the beauty of it all. Looking at how my style evolved over the years, it makes me cringe when I look back. I had a very undeveloped idea of what style was or even what my own style was.

After my days of jean cut-offs and tablecloth-made skirts were over, I had a very street style x grunge x Tumblr influenced wardrobe where I thought everything I owned had to be a statement piece. I thought basics were too basic and now I believe they're quintessential! Not to mention, I burned a hole in my pocket, bought another pair of red leather shorts and burned another hole in that pocket.

That's when I turned to the minimalist lifestyle, where I minimized my closet by investing in versatile pieces such as this pajama set and also minimized my spending. It's a win-win.

I've always wanted to elevate my style but of course, achieving a high-end look doesn't come with a budget. Luckily, VIPme is just the site that I need to make a high-end wardrobe affordable.


Find out more about VIPme here.

As a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner "me."

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