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You asked, I answered.


@stefanetienne asked: "What do you look for in a shooting location?"

This question had me stumped a bit to be honest because there usually isn't much thought that goes into choosing a location. I prefer locations that are grey to match my feed but that doesn't mean that me and Justin shoot at the same location every time.

If anything, we look for places with clean lines, wide space and plain/textured background so it really depends on the architecture of the building. Locations that aren't flat out in the sun are great too so we do take into account how lighting affects our photos.

Normally, we gravitate towards locations that are super minimal to match my aesthetic, isolated so we can stay focused, and places that we can manipulate with Justin's photography style.

For example, we tend to shoot in parking garages or college campuses a lot but half the time you would never know.


@aerialelixabet asked: "I want to revamp my look and closet but I don't want to look basic or like every other person on IG. I find myself going toward a tropical look with pastels and muted colors. How do I go about one, deciding on a look/aesthetic, two, incorporating it in everyday life and three, where to shop."

I love how loaded this question is. First of all, choosing an aesthetic isn't something you particularly 'choose'. Sure, you have tons of options on how you could dress but honestly, the more you categorize yourself, the more you would limit your style, making it even more difficult to choose outfits and shop. Fashion is about experimentation and wearing what makes you feel good.

Be yourself. That's the best aesthetic you could choose because no one else would be able to emulate it. Although I love high end pieces, I can't help but to gravitate towards minimal bohemian pieces too but if I forced myself to stay categorized under one label, I would never have created the fashion sense I have now, which is honestly a hybrid of so many other influences.

However, if you really want to find an 'aesthetic', I would create a mood board of all the things that appeal to you, fashion related or not. Take pictures from Tumblr or outfits or people you look up to and put them all in one place. Figure out why you like them, what they don't have in common and what they do. Use this as inspiration for when you do shop but never buy something because someone else would wear it. Invest in clothing you feel yourself in.

Then, the rest of your questions will be answered. After all, fashion is trial and error.


@misspmm asked"How's your day?"

My day has been great so far! Woke up and went straight to work before shooting later today. Planning on relaxing and having an easy date night with Justin!


@_buddingphotographer asked: "Hi Mariel and Justin, some days ago you posted a photograph asking to caption it. You were laughing so naturally! Does something special happen then to make you laugh this way? Enjoy your weekend!"

Hi! Maybe it's special, maybe it's not. It's just love.


@jzkr asked: "How do you stay motivated and creatively inspired?"

I actually wrote an article about that here.

TL;DR: Change. When things are constantly changing or moving, I feel motivated to keep up or I'm given a new perspective. It helps to step away from your daily routine and to dive into new or old territory you haven't been to in a while.

I think that explains why I get bored easily. I'm constantly evolving my style and look and I always want to explore new places.


@mojomusing asked: "Here's a question - where do you find beauty?"

I find beauty in everything. Cliche, I know, but it's because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I find beauty in the movement of clothes and people, sounds, sun spots, deep colors and textures, but most of all, when people talk about their passions. Gets me every time.


@veroniccapopova asked: "What are your inspirations and favorite blogs?"

Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life has been my inspiration since day one. I started blogging way before it was even called 'blogging' and saw that she would document her outfits and wanted to do the same. Even more so, I loved her writing style and the two had blend into an entirely new occupation.

Other than her, my major blogger-crushes are Margaret Zhang and The Haute Pursuit.

Also, Justin is a huge driving force in my life. He's always dreaming up the weirdest ideas and the newest trends. I look up to him a lot creatively because he is so innovative and his style is always evolving. Not only does he play the role of my photographer, but he styles me often so much of my fashion experimentation is a blend of both of our fashion senses.


@Elianne asked"How do you choose smart without over thinking? I always find myself over thinking the smallest decisions. It could be choose between silver or gold or for example, I will leave stuff in my cart to buy later because there will be one thing I really like and one I really need. My mom always gets upset with me because of that. Normally, I'm only indecisive with buying clothes and shoes."

I'm with you on that! I get super indecisive about clothes too, and even worse, food. When it comes to clothes, I always try to justify why I need it and if it's worth the price depending on the quality of the material since that determines longevity.

In other words, ask yourself if you need it and if you need it now versus waiting. If so, can you get it somewhere else for a cheaper price that is still good quality? Also think, what can I wear this with? Can I think of at least three different outfits I could style this piece with? How much do I really want it? Will I wear it often? How long will it last me or is this just a in-the-moment piece I need to keep up with the trends?

When you don't have answers or good enough reasons to justify your purchase, then you don't really need it. Even worse, you could get tired of the piece later on or it will no longer be 'in style'. Always invest in pieces that make sense to you and your wallet. Maximize gains and minimize your losses.


Top and bag via Rosewholesale / Lace up sandals via Urban Outfitters


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