Food Tour: LA


Food finds for every meal of the day and then some.


There's no place like home at Home Brewed Bar. Perfecting the art of cold-brewed beverages, this coffee shop does drinks right with their endless combinations of sweet and bittersweet notes.

Try their Matcha Pistachio cold-brewed tea next time you're due for a pick-me-up.


Lunch is on Baldoria. Located in the heart of Little Tokyo, where flavor meets texture in their specialty pizzas and creatively paired appetizers like their Pistachio covered grapes.


Veer off the 118 for this gem hidden at the bottom of Topanaga canyon. Known for their modern approach to Southern comfort food, Luke LA fuses unexpected flavors in new dishes such as their short rib lasagna and tender beef on a polenta bed.


End the day with a drink at Brack Shop Tavern for bar fare worth the fare. Bridging the gap between sports and cocktail bars, this find satisfies every craving, matching their extensive list of alcohol with street-to-table food for a perfect pairing.

Next time you're in for an laid-back outing, try their Spritz and Giggles with their pickled shrimp.

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Photography by Justin Quebral