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@ellianne._ asked: "Which one do you like best: long hair or short hair?"

Honestly, I've thought about cutting my hair even shorter for my next visit but I like being in between for now. With longer hair, I feel that I look too youthful and I kinda drown in it all. With shorter hair, I'm scared I might look too mature, or maybe I'm just having commitment issues with my locks! LOL


@seleynakta asked: "What is the best pizza topping and why?" Cheese! Is that cheating? It's universal and every pizza needs cheese.

"What can I make with a pair of scissors and a t-shirt?" Anything you could possibly think of.


@theshutupkid asked: "How did you get started fashion blogging?"

I went to Catholic school from middle school to high school, where I wore uniforms every day. I would always break the dress code and had enough detentions to gain a demerit, which could've given me probation. I didn't get the chance to express myself until senior year when we had casual Fridays, which I took super seriously.

I saw Olivia Lopez sharing her outfits and experiences on the 'gram and felt inspired to do the same. I had no idea that this was going to be a career or one that I would fall in love with so quickly. I just wanted to keep wearing different outfits and sharing it with the world. Then I realized it was a channel for more than just that: inspiration.

My passion just grew from there.


@sarinaho asked: "How do you stay inspired to create all the time?"

This is a good question because I don't seem to know the answer entirely myself but I do know one thing is for sure, is that inspiration derives from observation. Everything is based on experience; the things you look at, the things you feel, the things you taste, movement, color, texture, that -- is inspiration.

As much as people like to believe that blogging is a 'work-at-home' type of job, it's not. That's not even half the job. You need to experience things to have content to create. You need change and that's how I stay inspired to create.

I never stay in the same place for too long.


@sangyayc asked: "What helps you stay inspired and gives you ideas for blog posts?"

This is kinda similar to the last question but blog posts are a different story. These are topics I'm really passionate about and just have no where else to put it but here. Like I said before, everything comes from experience and my blog is just where I share it all, along with lessons learned and lessons to be learned, of course.

The more I blog, the more I learn and the more there is to share with you.


@seymichelle asked: "Do you keep a calendar to keep up with posting for your blog and social media?"

I do and I don't. I have a journal, a calendar, and my phone. The journal is to keep track of my campaigns, which are done and which need to be finished, brainstorming and outlining lookbooks, projects and posts.

The calendar is for a visual of deadlines and events and my phone has tons of to-do lists and apps to help me visualize my feed before it goes live. I think it's too difficult for me to  have an app automatically post for me so I do so in my apps and post manually myself.

"How do you make time to create content for your blog?"

I created a routine in my schedule. I have huge gaps in most of my days and take every day possible to shoot. I even wake up earlier than I need to before class to shoot product pictures. Even when I'm out, I never miss a chance to capture the moment, whether I use it or not. Having a photographer as a boyfriend is the greatest convenience but it's not to say that it's easy to get lazy either.

My advice: is to shoot every day, whether you like the results or not, whether you'll post it or not, because chances are you'll want to use it someday and it's just practice to get better. Constantly be working every day to get better.


@currentlycaro asked: "Tell us all your secrets to your fun shots."

The chemistry I have with my boyfriend/photographer is so special that it melts our styles and creative energy together, which comes out through the images we take. I think a lot of the chemistry is through the passion we have for our craft on either side of the camera.

Most of all, when we shoot, we don't have a care in the world about anything else. I think when you let your personal life enter your working life, it really shows, especially on the expressions on your face.

The secret is just to have fun.


@stefantienne asked: "One year ago, looking at today, would you say you've made progress?"

Such a good question, but I think the answer is obvious. A year ago, I had just a little over 1,000 followers. I had no consistency is style or photography or posting. A little over a year ago, I managed to land my first campaign, which also happened to be my first paid campaign too. Over a year ago, I had just started shooting with Justin. A year ago, I would never have imagined that I would get here nor did I believe in myself enough. A year ago, I was not the same person I am now and I think my work is evidence of that.


@seekaysee asked: "How do you stay motivated?"

I believe motivation comes from when you really don't want to do something; when what's supposed to be play becomes work. To be honest, the more distractions I've cut out, the more focused I've been on work and the more I stay motivated.

Motivation comes from will and passion. It's measured by how much you really want to reach your goal. Motivation, however, is not an independent essence. It's fueled by the people around you, the competition of yourself, the success of others and the things that inspire you most.

I stay motivated by continuously being hungry.


@dominiqueisbest asked: "What's the best way to style midi length to long skirts?"

I'm actually pretty short so I tend to avoid these lengths but I can't resist pleated cuts or silk textures. However, you can always look tall and rock these looks by pairing minimalist heels for a long skirt/dress or booties for a midi skirt.

The key is to understand lengths. Pair with a shorter moto jacket for longer cuts or an ankle-length trench coat with a midi skirt. To avoid drowning in bigger silhouettes, use hints of skin to create an illusion of fit and balance.

Using slits or spaghetti straps or even coords is the key to finding harmony in an outfit.


@arushikhosla asked: "Ok hair tutorial time!!!"

My normal hair routine consists of Head and Shoulders every few days and Nizorine a few times a  week. (I can get a really oily scalp and dandruff if it's not maintained properly.) Wen as a leave-in conditioner and Bumble and Bumble's All-Style Blow Dry mixed with Verb's Ghost Oil to apply when hair is damp.

When curling my hair, I leave it up to Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Ginger for mousse, holding spray, primer, the works.


Glasses via Degree Seven / Choker via Strung Out Shop / Top via Zaful / Shoes via Public Desire


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Photography by Justin Quebral