Glass Ceiling (feat. VIPme)


Nowhere else to go but up.


When you reach a certain point in a long term commitment, you start to wonder where else can I go from here. Whether it's in a relationship, or a time you've hit certain milestones (I.e. Graduating), or even your career, you eventually realize that you can't stay in a certain place for too long.

That's the way I've felt with blogging. I always wonder how else I could be moving forward and what I should do to make that momentum happen.



I look at other bloggers for research purposes, trying to analyze certain trends or strategies that some successful influencers are implementing that I could apply in my own stead. I try not to do so too much because I've learned that comparisons can occur too easily and your self-esteem starts to drown. I've also learned that everyone's way of doing things may work for them but may not be the case for you.


I've read countless articles, all of which recant the same advice, throwing around terms like "influencers" and "content creators" in the same way Drake gives out Chanel like hugs. There isn't any new information for me to obtain.


For the hungry, it's not satisfying and therefore the only way to move forward is on your own.



So I started looking at the strategies I've developed for growing and trying to figure out how I could improve those. Trying to improve yourself overall can be super vague and overbearing but breaking down goal achievements in steps is what makes dreams into reality.


I've always wanted to go full-time with Polydeux and I think one way to achieve that is to create even more content. (I promise I'll be doing more on YouTube after graduation.)


By creating more content and posting more often, I'll be able to reach a broader audience instead of constantly feeding the same people. Not to mention, it'll make my analytics more accurate. I think I've been really timid with Polydeux especially wth my school load.


It's time to step things up. Double time. Literally.



The universe will give you what you put in and if you put in more work you will receive just as many rewards.


It took me this long to pull myself out of this growth stunt so I hope this is what will get you out of yours.



Top via Myung Clothing / Dress via VIPme / Shoes via Zaful / Glasses via Degree Seven

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