The Sound of Substance


Give me more.


I'm tired of seeing bloggers who don't blog or influencers who use platforms for social gratification than for purpose. I want to see more substance. I'm tired of seeing people grow based on their looks and picture quality but for their voice, opinions, and personality.


There's too many people who want the social status and regularly have photo shoots to grow just because it's accessible; not necessarily because they want to make an impact on others.

Influencers who I've hung out with that have huge followings don't really have anything to offer once you look past everything.




I'm going to be honest. I don't really care much about your numbers unless you have the passion to go along with it. I don't follow a lot of people back as much as they ask because they only care about face value.

I'm not trying to say I'm better than others. It's just that I'm trying to find other like-minded creatives only to find that the community is saturated in narcism.



I always tell people to create what you wish existed and I try to do so myself. To be honest, I wonder if I'm lacking in providing substance myself.

I think the only things I can offer (except for visuals) is to continuously challenge the blogging community and its ethics as well as provide insight and personal experiences. I have a love-hate relationship with blogging when it comes to justice in this realm. (Really I just think I complain a lot.)


Way before blogging was a trendy occupation, blogging was just casual captions and a quick snap of your outfit at this really cool place. People lived vicariously through others and became curious.
Now everything is commercialized and people are just doing things for the free clothes and sponsorships.



It sounds nice. It does. But that's not what this culture is about.
When you're an influencer regardless if you have 100 followers or 1,000 that's 100/1,000 people you can reach and have the power to impact.

That's such a crazy thing! Why waste your power on selling glow sticks for teeth whitening when you can encourage others to vote, to dream, to help others?


I think we get caught up in the wrong aspects of blogging that we forget how versatile and powerful our jobs can be. We are so much more than a pretty face and materialistic.


I mean, look at Buzzfeed, aka the Disneyland of the Internet. Why are their videos so popular? Why are their video personalities more popular than most bloggers?

They don't have any personal aesthetic, they're not all Eugenes, they're not fashionistas. They're regular people who are opinionated and passionate.

THAT is why they have a bigger following. They may not look it but they're just as equally creative as any other Insta-famous creative you could think of.


That's why I believe that substance weighs more heavily than your #ootd. Anyone can wear clothes but no one can have the same voice, ideas or personality than you do.


Coords via Miss Pap / Kimono via Urban Outfitters / Shoes via Zara


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Photography by Justin Quebral