A Gift Guide for the Ambitious

For those present procrastinators (aka me), I've come up with a short yet quick gift guide  for all my go-getters who are ready to kick ass once the new year starts.


1.) Noise-cancelling headphones
Nothing is more essential than isolation, focus and you-time, which is why headphones, noise-cancelling ones at that, are key for endless productivity. Honestly, if you log in a couple hours of work towards the career you love a day, you will never stress out again. Give the gift that keeps on giving.


2.) Phone Case
There is nothing a busy body is more reliant on than their phone. Especially for a blogger who is always on-the-go, a case is the definition of function and fashion. Not to mention, it's all about the details. Bloggers are all about attention-to-detail so a phone case is no exception.


3.) Water Bottle

For someone who rarely has time to rest, a water bottle is a staple item, especially one that keeps your beverage cool or warm enough on long days. When you're in between meetings or back-to-back with shoots and events, the last thing you need to worry about is being dehydrated.
Thanks to Ankit for helping me share the perfect tools for achieving maximum productivity. Nothing says 'I support you and I want you to succeed' than these items.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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Photography by Justin Quebral