Rewinding the year to ring in the next.


1.) Moment number one has to be our end of the year workcation in Big Bear with @azusatakano, @franciskenneth, and, of course, @justinquebral. This escape to the mountains was the perfect end of the year trip and the best way to kick off the a new year of creating.

We spent two nights and three days shooting nonstop. It was a blogger's dream. I managed to shoot all the product I was backed up on ever for a fresh start. Not to mention, we had the best view wherever you looked. Definitely worth the investment - by that I mean in the experience and especially the people.


2.) My first hosted blogger event was a food crawl at Smorgasburg LA. It was a huge success but even then, there were still lessons that were learned. This just means that there will be bigger and better projects I have planned for the future.

Most importantly, this was our way of giving back to the ones who support and take care of us. Being able to feed and gift your friends is a proud moment in itself.


3.) This particular look marks yet another achievement. This project was for a brand lookbook for 25ToGo Design, which will be featured at two design shows, one in New York and the other in Paris.

Where this goes, only God knows but I already have a good feeling about it.


4.) I think this picture in particular was one that got featured often, particularly on @pursuitofportraits, and definitely deserves an honorable mention. At this time, Justin was exploring his editing style and at this particular shoot, we were spending time with new and current friends.

This moment isn't a statement piece but it was definitely memorable. I think this was a time where I was very pleased with where my career was going and overall, I was at peace for once.


5.) I love this shot so much because it marked the second time we worked with Nordstrom this year and for a longer period of time. I love this brand because I know they value quality over quantity. This industry is such a popularity contest that its meaningful and comforting to know that I was chosen not once, but twice out of the bunch.

Even more so, my parents never really understood my passion in blogging. They always thought I was fashion designing instead. So when I brought to their attention that I was working with Nordstrom, it finally clicked for them.

In that sense, I'm very proud of this collaboration because it was an achievement in my relationship with my parents. That doesn't happen often being a first-generation kid.


6.) Flying with Justin for the first time felt like a huge milestone, especially since we paid for the trip with the money we earned from our passions. To us, it meant that what we were doing is working and that we could actually go far in our careers together.

Plus we decided to make it a tradition to travel for our anniversaries so seeing our friends and thrusting ourselves into unexplored territory is the epitome of ideal.


7.) Lastly, this photo marks the end of my first collaboration with Nordstrom. Looking back, me and Justin has definitely grown a lot. To me, I'm still amazed of how far we've come and how many opportunities have come by because of that. I never expected to come this far. I don't think either of us did.

This year, I was challenged in so many ways and in every aspect of my life. It's amazing that I even made it out alive. I was so caught up in trying to survive that I didn't realize how much I grew in the midst of it until now (literally as I am typing to you).

As I've started to take blogging more seriously by dropping other commitments, I've realized that the possibilities are endless and that I haven't tapped into the extent of my blogging prowess.

This year was the push I needed.

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Photography by Justin Quebral