Graduation or Late Registration?


Graduated with not only one degree, but two.


I did it. I'm done. (Although I have two weeks left of my photo class at a local community college) I came in with nothing and left with two degrees: Creative Writing and Communications (Public Relations emphasis).

As I got closer to graduating, I don't think I was ever afraid of what was to come afterwards. I never felt unprepared. Granted, I don't have a solid 9-5 cubicle job to prepare me during the grace period for loan payment, but I do have the skills, tools and connections to take me wherever I want to go.


Currently, I've been copywriting remotely for a high-profile client whom I can't mention just yet on top of the projects, lookbooks and campaigns I've been doing for Polydeux. I managed to increase my own pay, but I do have to admit, it's still not enough.

Everything I earn, I split in half with Justin. Just because he's my boyfriend, doesn't mean I don't discount his services as a photographer; and everything I earn, gets recycled back into Polydeux.

I wouldn't be able to make all these travel plans happen if it wasn't for my blog and the time and passion put into it.


So I'm taking risks: skipping a week of school to go to NYFW, diving knee-deep into projects and plans until April and tackling brands and other things that "may be out of my league (out of my range of followers)" because who said you can only interact with small brands just because you have small numbers.
Graduating isn't scary. In fact, I'm excited that I get to devote everything to my blog. I've thought about taking on a part-time job on top of my remote copywriting gigs to help with expenses so I can move out faster or sucking it up and taking a full-time job.

Currently I'm living with my uncle until school is over in a few weeks and after that it's back with my parents. There's nothing wrong in doing so. At least I'll have a place to cook, place to do laundry and sleep without having to worry about moving my car early in the morning or someone stealing my clothes from the washing machine.


As far as I'm concerned, yeah, I do have fears and doubts what not having a full-time job entails but that's what excites me. It keeps me on my toes and it makes me want to work even harder at what I do.

I like challenges. I like thirsting for more knowledge; to keep growing and the desire for constant improvement. I've already experienced a cubicle crisis and in that environment, you just keep hitting the ceiling. There's nowhere for you to go after that.


I don't think I could wake up every day, trudge through LA traffic and know that that's it. I know my purpose in life is greater than that and even more so, blogging isn't my end goal. I just see it as a stepping stone.

Although, I love playing different roles, eventually I'd love to see where that gets me in the industry. Most likely, I'd like to be a creative director for a brand. I don't know what it is, but I know that creating is my calling. I'll never settle for anything less.


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Photography by Justin Quebral