NY Food Tour


The best stops in NY for breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggested by you.


Breakfast in Williamsburg is a fuel-up must before exploring the city. We visited Sunday in Brooklyn on a Monday and I instantly fell in love with the interior: soft natural lighting, marble dining tables and big leafy greens adorning the corners aka every blogger's flatlay dreams coming true.

We enjoyed coffee and hot matcha tea from Matcha Bar (which by the way, was bittersweet heaven on earth), which paired perfectly with the bagel sandwich, sausage, English muffin and the best avocado toast I've had in my life.

Prepared with a poached egg on a bed of sprouts, wheatgrass, and tomatoes, the pickled onion gives it the refreshing kick that takes this toast from a 7 to a 10. Add their specialty hot sauce that's a mix of sweet and spicy for the right amount of tang every breakfast needs.


For lunch, make your way to Fuku for the best of Korean comfort food. As a huge fan of Korean cuisine, I was in for a treat. Flavors of the Asian south meets the south of the States for a street food delicacy unlike any other.

What sets Fuku apart from other chicken sandwich shops isn't just their chicken, but their use of pickled vegetables. Typically used for sides for Korean dining is juxtaposed with the fried chicken's timeless taste. Top with their gochujang sauce and take your tastebuds through hell and heaven at the same time. Although spicy, its tang leaves you wanting more.

Try their off-menu chicken fingers next time you're due for a filling yet flavor-packed meal.


Hidden among the novelty and corner hat vendors of Noho lies our last destination: Acme. Usually known to have lines out the door, we were lucky to arrive to an empty dining room - for a short while, that is. Snow days are probably the best days to dine here.

From beginning to end, our three-course meal was decadent and thoughtfully prepared. After binging Chef's Table recently, this was exactly what I was craving. Their appetizers were the definition of farm-to-table fare.

As for the main course, I chose their traditional spaghetti and meatballs, which was hands down the best spaghetti and meatballs I've ever had in my life. Its noodles were thick with the right amount of chewiness while the meatballs took the cake. Yes, they were made of meat, but they didn't crumble and were made of the traditional beef. Instead, veal would linger with each bite.

Lastly, their cheesecake was perfection achieved with its light, textured fluffiness. Don't ever skip out on the cheesecake. You'll regret it.

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Photography by Justin Quebral