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Your questions answered.


@uhmlady asked: "Love me?"

Is that even a question?


@fuckjoshk asked: "Why does rain exist?"

Because Trump is still on this earth.


@earthquake.kit asked: "What's your fave account/blog or book, etc. to get your creative kick?"

I definitely look at my girl, @Jnelv's 'gram a lot as well as @thegreylayers when I'm in a style bind. I often watch Chriselle Lim and The Line Up's videos too but for an overall creative kick, I look toward a lot of Korean pop culture. Their ideas and perspective is something else. You really can't imitate their work.

Oddly enough, I even got Justin into it too.


@theshutupkid asked: "Favorite type of outfit to wear/shoot?"

My favorite outfit are the ones that make me feel some sort of way. LOL.

Any outfit that makes me feel powerful, confident or adapt some sort of character that's when my most creative poses come out.


@azusatakano asked: "If you weren't blogging, what would you have pursued instead?"

I'd probably continue my writing - whether that be through spoken word, writing fiction novels or copywriting.

I'd be doing something creative. Anything that is technical and routine I tend to avoid.


@sarinaho and @seymichelle asked: "What are your plans after you graduate?"

Well, now that I've graduated, I'm currently going full-time with my blog. I'm giving myself a creative break until the summer to see if I can really get this thing off the ground.  While doing that, I'm currently freelancing as a copywriter too. I'm just trying to do remote jobs so I can give myself more freedom with my blog.

If not, I'll probably be going back to a 9-5. I just have to find one that I actually like, haha.

I've moved back with my parents until I have enough to move out. Currently, I love it. It feels good to be living comfortably in my own space, cooking my own food and always being with the people I love.

I'm in the midst of trying to create a routine for myself. I never really got a chance to focus on myself in school. So I'm trying to do Pilates once a week, cutting out rice, junk food, and soda as much as possible. I'm replacing my coffee with tea and matcha.

I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of strength towards the tail end of my college career due to health issues and wasn't able to make time to exercise because of my schedule so I'm using this time to make it happen.

While I'm not paying my own bills just yet, I'm also using this time to travel more often to expand my reach and develop business relationships across the state. I'm also trying my hand at all the fashion goals/dreams I had when I first started out and more, such as magazine shoots, getting published, NYFW, hosting my own blogger events, creative directing lookbooks, etc. It's all about growth.


@xdreo asked: "Choose a place you've been to and tell us how it's changed your life or perspective in the world?"

Great question. I've been to Japan and while there, I visited a ton of Buddhist temples. While not Buddhist myself, I prayed a lot and somewhere between all the incense, gorgeous views and stair climbing, I realized how I kept putting others before my own happiness.

I was suffering because I exerted so much effort for others and never got anything in return. I kept continuing relationships with people who weren't really my friends and hardly cared about me because I thought that's what I needed to do to fit in. Yes, I was in, but I wasn't happy.

Happiness isn't searching for acceptance. It's realizing that you're already accepted by the people around you and especially yourself. I learned that you don't need validation from others to feel like you're anything. You just need to be yourself and the right people will come along naturally.


@alicia_haque asked: "How long have you been blogging?"

I started my blog straight out of high school (August 2012) but I don't consider myself seriously blogging until a year or two years after that.


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