Through The Looking Glass

Finding the right frame for the Asian face.

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Color Me Mine

Tinted color glasses are amazing for any face shape. Although I think they're perfect for streetwear, they're the necessity of all necessity when it comes to adding some edge or dimension to any outfit.

These frames in particular are a sweet take on the classic aviators, turning the mysterious look into a retro gift from the 80's. The pop of pink gives my outfit an unexpected splash of color. Although it's subtle, it makes a huge statement.

However, I'm not a huge fan of aviators due to their U-shaped frames, which rest lower than my cheekbones. This means, it covers my face more than I like. Since the lenses are transparent, it totally shoots my opinion in the face, haha.

In the end, I actually loved these a lot more than I thought. Still need to grab them in blue and orange.

Frames from Zero UV.


Skinny Metal

Old trends revamped into new ones has become a trend all in itself, especially these vintage looking frames. While most gravitate towards the elderly-looking aviators, I prefer these smaller and rounder looking glasses. Usually rounded shapes aren't the best for me but since these bad guys are smaller, they fit my face better.

Thinner arms are key for achieving the vintage look without being overbearing. Less is more, so choose a more minimal structure to add more without covering too much of the face. Not to mention, the nose piece was what won me over. I don't have a nose (especially not a flat Filipino nose) so ensuring that I don't have to hold my glasses up was more than convenient.

Side note: I chose gold frames because warmer tones look better on Asian skin!

Frames from Jin's.



This is my go-to style of frame. For Asian faces, the cat eye accentuates the overall face, mimicking our -- well, Asian eyes. The winged edges pull the attention from the center of your face outwards, giving an elongated wink. They're a little chunky too, which makes them playful and edgy.

For these glasses in particular, I loved the contrast of thickness and texture with the thin, gold arms versus the thick, angular plastic frames. The oversized fit isn't too distracting either. Too oversized can drown you out as they become the center of attention versus your face.

Frames from Sunnies Eyewear.


Rounded Hippies

I named these sunnies specifically because they reminded me of Coachella and John Lennon. While they may be for festival wear, I thought they worked well with tougher materials like denim and leather. I absolutely love this style. It's so timeless and depending on the framework, you can achieve so many bold and effortless looks.

I'll be honest. I don't like these particular frames on my face. They're waaaay too big and I just looked bug-eyed, which is why I'm not wearing them all the way. The trick to pulling this style off, especially for Asians, is picking up a smaller, thinner pair.

I have a small face so I need glasses that are medium-sized to look 'oversized' against my bone structure.

Frames from Zero UV.



Now this is what I'm talking about. These frames take the cat-eye look to a whole new level with their polarized lenses. I chose pink due to the gold arms too.

It's funny; I was really over the extended brow bridge trend but ended up falling in love with it all over again with these. The reason being is that the bridge here is must more subtle and less angular. Some glasses that have the brow bridge try to do too much and it just ends up being an odd hodgepodge of overdone trends in one accessory.

The key word is: accessory. You're trying to add, not take away.

Its softer shape juxtaposed against the geometric and slanted lenses gives it a really nice contrast. Not to mention, the brow bridge frames the lenses with leading lines, ultimately acting as the centerpiece to the entire pair.

Also, the glasses don't sit too low on the face, which is another huge problem for Asian faces. Our cheekbones rest higher than others so it's one thing when sunnies look good, but it's another when they fit good too.

AKA my favorite pair to date.

Frames from Zero UV.

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Photography by Justin Quebral