At The Culver


Recounting our staycation at The Culver Hotel.

This past weekend we escaped from reality and into a velvet-tufted, high-ceiling dream world where mornings consisted of waking up to fresh pastries and buttered jam.
If Princess Diaries had another sleepover sans mattress diving, it would be at The Culver Hotel. After visiting once before for a day-long shoot with Jnel, Justin and I knew we had to visit again, and so we did.


Our stay was hosted on the top floor with the biggest bed that had the softest sheets and a bathroom with the penultimate selfie lighting. We were greeted with a name card, the most delicious cookies, and a fresh bouquet of flowers (of course, I took pictures with it.) I spent more time in our room than around the restaurant-filled block. It felt as though I was waking up in my New York studio.


The morning following our first day there, we were invited for brunch, which was prepared ahead of time and a confusion-induced appointment for high-tea. Despite the miscommunication in regards to timing, The Culver Hotel handled the situation flawlessly. No complaints.


The food however, was on another level: farm-to-table quality and freshness in every dish. Upon meeting the chef, you could tell he put his entire being into his masterpieces. While Justin loved the subtle citrus notes that contrasted the crunchy textures of the avocado toast, the cheeseboard swept me away.


I loved the earthiness of some of the cheeses and how their flavor profiles complimented each other while still being within the same spectrum of taste. Not to mention, they served strawberry lemonade for Justin and mint cucumber lemonade (my favorite!) for me.


Then it was finally the main act; what we had to book 24 hours for in advance: high tea. After clearing our table, they threw a white table cloth over to set the mood. With champagne, mixed berries, a three-tiered finger sandwich and dessert stand and then being presented with a suitcase of tea choices, I felt like a princess or as if I was having a slow morning in Paris. Either way, I was at ease with the world.
This was Justin's first time experiencing high tea, which he absolutely loved. Never was Justin the type of guy to enjoy things like cheeseboards and tea parties but when you date a girl who's obsessed with such, it's hard to avoid it.


Later that night, we were scheduled to shoot their jazz band for the night and the hotel had seated us front row to the ensemble. We were served the prettiest cocktails on the menu and a gift from the chef: lobster and Dungeness crab ravioli, which was the best dish we sampled throughout our entire stay. Not to mention, the band was endlessly entertaining. I mean, who else performs a rendition of the Game of Thrones theme during dinner and gets away with it?


Although we were supposed to stay another night, adult responsibilities loomed overhead and I had work the next day. Cutting our stay short was heartbreaking. We fell in love with our temporary home but it wasn't just the fancy decor and fanfare that made our stay the staycation of the century, but the people. The staff and those we worked closely with was warm, sweet, generous, and it felt like they quickly became family. If Disney employees/characters were real life people, the staff at The Culver Hotel would be it.


It's sad to say that Justin and I are used to not getting this kind of five-star treatment. Due to our numbers, we're treated very differently versus someone with 100k followers. However, I think this is what made this experience so memorable: The Culver Hotel treated us without discrimination. We had such an emotional good-bye because of how humbled we were by their kindness.
 For the first time, we were valued for what we prioritized: the quality of our content and it was such an amazing feeling to be treated for a deeper value other than superficiality. Because of that, we appreciate The Culver Hotel even more so. You never forget experiences like that.
We'll definitely be back.


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Photography by Justin Quebral