Life through pixels: Summer edition

And with the beginning of school comes the end of sleeping in and home cooked meals. This is a short compilation of whatever I was able to document of my summer starting in July in no particular order. I do not regret posting derpy slash excited faces for food. 

1.// Discovered juicing storefronts in Los Feliz with Tony before he left for the big apple. 2.// OC Fair with Andy 3.// Newport beach 4.// Watching the sunset after crawling on a dock of rocks. The closet I'm going to get to sitting in the middle of the ocean while still being on land. 5.// Discovering the wonders of mocha lattes for the first time in classy coffee hauses in Pasadena with Janelle. 6.// Giving into temptation of deep fried foods at the fair 9.// Backdrop 10.// Attempting to look hipster in discounted vinyl stores before being followed by a stranger 11.// Jellyfishing. 12.// Being distracted, or at least pretending to be. 13.// I like these jellyfish more. 14.// Revisiting the mocha latte infatuation under parasols with Regina in Silverlake. 15.// Sashimi during Nisei Week in Little Tokyo with the boyfriends 16.// Emptying my wallet at the Pasadena Rosebowl Flea Market