The Pasadena Rosebowl Fleamarket never fails to disappoint. Upon walking away with a dozen items for the retail price of one, we also befriended some of the sweetest vendors. We made a video, which we hope to do for every sample sale we happen upon. (PS. Sorry for the tininess of the font. Sometimes the internet hates us, other times editing softwares do; this is one of those times.)

Here's a recap of our Do's and Don'ts (or our guide on how not to die of heatstroke) that may or may not apply to you:
1.) Wear comfortable shoes unless you want to rip your feet off halfway through your shopping spree
2.) Bring water. Lots of it. 
3.) Know where you're going Know the layout of the rosebowl. Upon entering, typically the right hand side of the venue is geared towards the more expensive and stingier vendors. Head left. You'll find the furniture and antique booths. However, when you venture past that, you'll find the 'vintage' pieces where you'll get a bang for your buck.
4.) Black may be our favorite color, just not for crowded, open air places in 90 degree weather
5.) Bring a parasole. It's common. Hats, sunglasses, visors, etc. Anything to protect your skin
6.) Bring cash to haggle with! Most vendors don't accept card. There are ATMs outside of the rosebowl and you are free to withdraw and reenter the fleamarket at any time. However, we suggest withdrawing from your respective bank ATM to avoid extra charges.

Let us know if you have any other questions or comments! We'd love to hear it and hopefully we'll get to see you there next month!