An Announcement

This post may be different than usual:

I've decided to respectfully withdraw from going further with Polydeux. I've realized that it wasn't for me and I do see myself going about a blog a different route, in which I have. When I think about Mariel and me I see two different and very strong personalities. I see us stronger more individually in style than I do united and being that we have our own vision for things and my schedule playing a huge factor, I leave with this: My participation with Polydeux was a fun experience and I wish success with Mariel being the original drive for your fashion needs.

Thank you for the support.

However, this does not mean that Katrina and I are no longer friends. In fact, we're still just as close. We respect the fact that we have different ideas, goals and paths to follow and might even have projects together in the future. Our partnership has taught me a lot and has turned Polydeux around. Other than that, the blog is now solely mine and I plan on seeing it through. I just want to thank everyone who has stuck with the number of changes this blog has experienced. As readers, your support and understanding is what got this blog to where it is now.
I love and appreciate you guys.