Marriage Has a Nice Ring to It

Dress via David's Bridal

 I'm not getting married, (and trust me, father did flip his wig when he saw these) but I did do this wedding shoot a few weeks ago with my lovely sister and aspiring photographer, Stephanie Ball. I never was really a ruffle kind of gal, mainly because I couldn't escape the thought of cosplaying as Black Swan when I slipped into this gown, but I've never felt more elegant.
I felt like I was reliving my 7-year-old dreams. Le sigh.

 I know that this is totally not what you expected to read amongst the influx of Cochella posts as well as #NoChella posts, but a lot has been happening, which is why I've kinda sorta not really fell off the face of the earth. In the midst of that, I've been accomplishing a boatload off projects off the radar of the interweb world and have been featured on Motel Rocks, Showroom82 and more!