You will always have weird stories about how you met your best friend in history class or how you met your boyfriend in a Thai restaurant or bumping into a short haired version of yourself in the fitting rooms of Urban Outfitters. It's funny how life welcomes people into your life when you least expect it. 
After gushing over our affinity for clothes and visual aesthetics, Danica and I took to the canyons for some cross coordinated action. There's no one else I know that can talk to about brands for hours without actually getting bored, or bathe in caffeine highs from the copious amount of coffee we inhale, or eat each other's donuts because 'we can't even' with 3 am shifts. We're as complimentary as our outfits. 
Speaking of which, you can peep this outfit in action on my YouTube or head over to her channel to see a more casual catwalk on The Oregon Trail.