Lusting for Lace

Choies dress / Nasty Gal heels

I had the most enlightening hair wash to date prior to chopping off months of attachment and hard work. Even more so, it had been exactly a year since I last got my hair cut by Anna Lee

Her assistant, Chris, told me tales about his past rock star life and how that dream inspired his move from Kansas. He had who he thought was going to be his forever on his arm until his dreams told him he wasn't allowed to dream them anymore. His fiance walked out on him, his band fell apart and he was stuck in LA with not a dime to his name.

That is until he decided to "f*ck it and do hair."

I remember asking him what the one thing he learned the most from his transition from rock music to hair was, and he said "Don't act on impulse. As humans, we may have moved forward with technology but our primitive instincts are still with us. Always take a second to think about whatever situation it is you're in before acting. Ignore that first impulse."

Photography by Randy Tran