Sweet Mountain High

Shop Lately necklace / Urban Outfitters corset / Forever 21 slit skirt / Nasty Gal heels

Over the years, my fashion sense has transformed dramatically. I don't think I would've ever dressed this way when I first started blogging. I think it's due to the fact that I attended Catholic school and was ever so incapable of following any rules, which is why I had an extensive 'criminal record' for a 7th grader. I suppose I was just so tired of being dictated with how I look and fashion was my only taste of freedom upon graduating.

As elegance meets the streets of LA, I've gravitated towards centering my wardrobe around the mantra 'Less is more'. I guess you can say I took a more literal approach in this photoset, but I juxtaposed that with a modest slit.


If you can't tell, this is my other option for Valentine's Day if lusting for lace was too much. But if you're looking for other holiday dress options, look no further to TopsweddingMaybe you’re not a bride-to-be, but do have a night of luxury to enthrall yourself in. Tops Wedding has dresses that will make any girl feel like a princess.

Even if attending a wedding isn't in your agenda, they have dresses perfect for every other occasion. 
Less is definitely not more in this case. ;)

They have gorgeous gowns that even put my beloved prom dress to shame! Not to mention the prices were never like this when I went dress shopping for gowns in high school.
Whether you’re looking for something strapless, for an overwhelming amount of tulle or even a certain sleeve length, Tops Wedding caters to all of your specific tastes. I know I can be picky too.
When I was in high school shopping for my prom dress online, I knew I wanted one that was different and was going to make me feel like a billion bucks. However, online shopping for occasions such as this was so overwhelming and time consuming. Since I went to a Catholic high school, I had to find a dress that followed the dress code accordingly.
The filters that their site has makes dress shopping so much less tedious and less daunting; especially since dress sites are notorious for being overwhelming to search through for that perfect dress. Plus they have dresses from all ends of the spectrum! From Catholic school prom appropriate or club ready.

Not only do they make plus sizes available, but they also have dresses made to accentuate every body type! Never have I met a website that thinks of just everyone and everything. Tops Wedding will end all of your endless dress shopping here.

Find out more about them here:

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Photography by Randy Tran