Back on the Map

1.) I obviously cannot blog real time
2.) A lot has happened (as if a lot doesn't always happen.)
As of late, someone spent $400 under my name and things just went downhill after that. I've been competing back to back, called the paramedics three times within a month for different people, and have overall just been busy with life.
I've been putting my focus on my YouTube channel, which you can watch my latest video here:
I always wanted to keep my focus on my text blog but things change and maybe this change is a good thing. I've been on the YouTube bandwagon for a while and have been trying to rebrand myself. I've been trying to avoid the guidelines longtime YouTubers have set in stone for the generation to come, such as 'Favorite/Monthly videos'. 
I'm trying to drive things into a different direction, and to be honest, the road isn't easy since I'm the one that's paving it.
PS. Coachella and Spring Break is coming up so why don't you treat yourself? To Die For Swimwear is donating $1 per order to international organizations against eating disorders and you get free shipping with 'SUPERMARIEL'. Happy shopping!

Photography by Emilynn Rose